Sour cherries

Fruited Lambic Style


Brewer: Sarah Pantry     

Competitions:  UK National Homebrew Competition

Place: 1st - Fruit Lambic


Batch Size: 5.25 gallons

Mash: 60 minutes at 148 ºF; sparge at 167 ºF

4.4 lb Pale Malt (Bairds)

4.4 lb Pale Wheat Malt (Weyermann)


Boil: 90 minutes




The Yeast Bay Melange



70-72 ºF, allowing to free rise to 75-80 ºF for 2 weeks

11 lbs of destoned, blended and sieved cherries added to the primary fermentor after 2 weeks of fermenting


OG: 1.043   IBU: 0

FG: 1.004