Our mission is simple: Provide commercially unavailable and rare strains of yeast and bacteria to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities in high quality liquid culture.

Yeast and bacteria are the most important components in the brewing process. They serve as the bridge between the wort brewers produce and the beer it's transformed into during fermentation. During this transformation these organisms create a myriad of flavors, aromas and other metabolites that largely define the character of the beer. We strive to isolate and make available the most characterful and distinctive cultures on the market. Our goal is that when brewers use our cultures, the end result is a cornucopia of previously unattainable flavors, aromas and sensory experiences that cast the finished beer in a truly unique light.

Bottom line: Brewing great beer is hard, sourcing unique cultures should be easy. Here at The Yeast Bay, we're proud to provide the most unique yeast and bacteria on the market to the most innovative brewers across the world.




Founder/Chief Yeast Wrangler

Nick has had a long time love of homebrewing, and has always enjoyed experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to evolve and improve his recipes. As a biological scientist, Nick took a particular interest in the organisms that convert the wort he brews into the beer he serves. Specifically, an interest in the vast number of strains that were not commercially available to homebrewers in pure culture.

Putting to work a formal education in microbiology and chemistry, Nick began to isolate, characterize and bank a vast collection of unique yeast and bacteria from every source he could find. As he did this, something dawned on him: a high impact contribution to the brewing community would be to make these novel strains commercially available to homebrewers and craft brewers alike. At that moment the seed was planted, and after many months of plating and colony selection, sore microscope eyes, test fermentations and entrepreneurial research, The Yeast Bay was born!

Nick holds a BS in Biology (Molecular/Microbiology emphasis) with a Chemistry minor from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a MS in Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials) from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and puts his education to use on a daily basis to isolate and characterize new organisms.



Contract Manufacturer

While Nick will head up isolation and characterization of new strains of yeast and bacteria, we are partnering with an industry leader to manufacture the necessary quantities of these organisms for commercial sale. Once Nick identifies an organism as a candidate for one of The Yeast Bay's offerings, the good people at White Labs will bank, propagate and package the organism for sale as high quality liquid culture.  

White Labs has been growing organisms for the brewing industry since 1995, and the quality of their products has a lot to do with their success. Here at The Yeast Bay, we're incredibly proud to be partnering with White Labs to deliver the highest quality cultures.


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Graphic Design/Branding/Advertising

Our digitizer with some serious graphic design skills, he's instrumental in polishing up our hand-drawn designs and converting them into the appropriate digital formats.  As a result of Ruben's efforts, we can use all of Mel and Mel's designs for wide range of branding and advertising applications. He's a critical contributor to The Yeast Bay and without him, our designs would have a much harder time being born into the digital world.

When he's not digitizing our designs and creating our ad material, Ruben is working on a number of other independent projects and finishing up his studies in graphic design.


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These two ladies are both incredibly talented artists with a creative edge and a knack for detail, and are the brains, eyes and steady hands behind our designs. All of the designs at The Yeast Bay are created by hand and dripping with originality and character, which perfectly reflect that of the unique organisms we isolate and provide to the brewing community.

When these two aren't creating awesome designs, they work the daily grind at their day jobs as an executive assistant at a private bank (Mel H.) and an interior architect and independent photographer (Mel I.).


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