Brett Saison


Brewer: Andrei Henery

Competitions:  Philadelphia regional, first round of the 2017 National Homebrew Competition (NHC)

Place: 1st - American Wild Ale


Batch Size: 11 gallons

Mash: 60 minutes at 150 ºF; fly sparge at 168 ºF

18 lb Chateau Pilsner

2 lb Simpson Golden Naked Oats

2 lb Weyermann Munich I

1 lb White Wheat Malt

9 oz Acidulated malt (for mash pH adjustment)

1.5 lbs Table Sugar (4th day of primary) 


Boil: 90 minutes

1.6 oz Magnum (11%) - 60 Minutes

1.5 oz Amarillo and 1.25 oz Santiam at 5 mins

1.5 oz Amarillo and 1.25 oz Santiam at flameout



Wyeast 3726

The Yeast Bay Lochristi Blend



First (primary) fermentation with 3726 only, pitched at 68 ºF, let rise to 72 ºF over 4 days.  When primary is almost complete, transfer to 5 gallon carboy and pitch Lochristi. Fill secondary to the very top, within an inch of the bottom of the air lock. Age for 12 months. Package in thick glass bottles, aiming for 3.0-3.2 volumes of CO2. Adding a little champagne yeast at bottling may assist in avoiding THP.


OG: 1.065*    IBU: 35

FG: 1.002

* This final OG includes the table sugar.  Gravity before sugar, i.e. out of the kettle: 1.059.