Belgian Single


Brewer: John Ford

Competition: LA Belgian Beer Contest

Place: 1st - Belgian Ale


Batch Size: 6 gallons

Mash: 60 min at 150 ºF, Fly sparge at 168 ºF

10 lbs Belgian Pilsner 

2.5 lbs Munich (10L)

2.5 lbs White Weat Malt


Boil: 60 minutes

0.5 oz CTZ at 60min

1 lb Belgian Candi Syrup (Simplicity), clear, 10 minutes

0.5 oz Saaz at Whirlpool


The Yeast Bay Dry Belgian Ale



Pitched yeast at 72 ºF, then free rise to 76 ºF for 14 days before bottling


O.G. 1.048     IBU: 27

F.G.  1.004