Flanders Red


Brewer: Martin Farstad Borg     

Competitions:  Oslo Brewing Championship (2016)

Place: 1st – Flanders Red Sour


Batch Size: 5 gallons

Mash: 60 minutes at 160 ºF; batch sparge at 168 ºF

3 lb Bestmalz Pilsner

3 lb Bestmalz Vienna

3 lb Bestmalz Munich I

12 oz Flaked Wheat

12 oz Weyermann CaraMunich II

6.5 oz Weyermann Carahell

6.5 oz Special B


Boil: 90 minutes

2 oz Tettnang (1,7%) - 60 Minutes



The Yeast Bay Mélange

The Yeast Bay Amalgamation

The Yeast Bay Brussels

The Yeast Bay Beersel

The Yeast Bay Lochristi

Various other lab pitches & dregs from 15 different beers



Co-pitched at 68 ºF; Ferment for 2 weeks in bucket. Age 1 year in Better bottle, make sure to refill the airlock to minimize oxygen exposure.


OG: 1.054     IBU: 15

FG: 1.004