American grisette

American Wild Ale


Brewer: Zach Kosslow

Competition: NHC Final Round (2017)

Place: 1st - American Wild Ale


Batch Size: 10.2 gallons

Mash: 60 min at 148 F, Mash out at 168 ºF for 10 minutes, Fly sparge at 168 ºF

13 lbs Belgian Pilsner 

1.5 lbs Red Wheat Malt

1.5 lbs Flaked Oats

1 lbs Rice Hulls

6 oz Acidulated Malt


Boil: 60 minutes

1.5 oz Sterling at First Wort Hop

3 oz Sazz at Whirlpool

1 oz St. Celia at Whirlpool

1 oz Tettnang at Whirlpool

0.5 oz Sterling at Whirlpool



The Yeast Bay Sigmund's Voss Kveik

Brett Blend (The Yeast Bay Brussels Blend is a good substitute for a funk-forward blend)



Pitched yeast at 72-75 ºF for 10 days

Maintain temperature at 72-75 ºF and pitch Brettanomyces blend with funk-forward character


OG: 1.044 IBU: 35

FG:  1.004