Apricot Saison ("Drink Me")

Brewer: Ed and Nick DeMayo

Competition: Oregon Brew Crew Fall Classic (2016)

Place: 1st - Wild Specialty Ale


Batch Size: 10 gallons

Mash: 60 min at 150 F, Fly sparge at 168 F

22 lbs Belgian Pilsner 

2.5 lbs Flaked wheat


Boil: 60 minutes

2 oz Styrian Goldings at 60min

1 oz East Kent Goldings at 30 min



The Yeast Bay  Melange



Pitched yeast at 78 F for 2 months, then decrease to 72 F for 1 month before bottling

Added 5 lbs of fresh apricots after primary fermentation complete


O.G. 1.066

F.G.  1.008