Our mission is simple: Provide commercially unavailable or rare yeast and bacteria strains to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities in high quality liquid culture. 

We're all about adding value to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities by providing a rich diversity of organisms brewers can use to serve as the bridge between the wort they produce and the beer it's transformed into. Our primary goal is to help brewers big and small develop new, unique sensory experiences for beer drinkers.  

Bottom line: Brewing great beer is hard. Sourcing unique yeast and bacteria should be easy.

We're super pumped that you've come to check us out, and we can't wait to be a part of your brewing process. Welcome to The Yeast Bay!

Holiday discount and shipping schedule

We just checked with the USPS regarding shipment of packages over the period of12/18/14 through 1/4/15. We inquired whether there is any risk materials will be subjected to sub-freezing temperatures for an extended period of time during the two USPS holidays (Christmas day and New Years Day). We were given assurances that even though the post offices are closed, all of the distribution facilities are open 24/7 365 days a year, and no package will sit out on a truck for an extended period of time. Packages continue to move to their destination through distribution centers every day of the year and are stored inside if the package's final distribution center has been reached.

While we still expect you to have the packages held for pickup if the temperature in your immediate area is below 35 F (as the package can sit on a delivery truck or outside for a long period of time at that point in the delivery), we're confident that prior to the point where the package is out for delivery there is no risk of exposure to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time that may damage the product.

Given this information, we have decided to ship on Monday 12/22 and Monday 12/29within the period of 12/18/14 through 1/4/15. We will not be shipping on Wednesdays however during that same period to ensure the packages do not get held up at the point of origin. Our normal Monday/Wednesday shipping schedule will resume after 1/4/15.

We also have a great holiday sale for you, with 15% off on all merchandise running from 12/16 through 12/31. Whether you want some Yeast Bay threads for yourself or want to gift them to a lucky someone, now's the time to jump on it! Use code "MERCH2014" at checkout to receive the discount. You can find all of our threads on the Merchandise section of our website.

We'll be sending out another message in the coming weeks regarding all the progress we've made in our first year, some new strains we're working on putting in the lineup (including two lager strains that we've banked with White Labs and should be available sometime in January), our opening up to wholesale in the US  and our vision for how we can continue to serve the homebrewing and craft brewing communities in 2015.

From all of us at The Yeast Bay, 
Happy Holidays !

Nick Impellitteri  |  The Yeast Bay



If you're a homebrewer in the US or in a US Territory, simply visit our Brewer's Yeast, Wild Yeast and Bacteria or Merchandise pages to purchase vials and merchandise.


If you're a homebrewer outside of the US, there are a number of international homebrew stores to which we wholesale vials. Currently, we wholesale to The Malt Miller (UK), Brew UK (UK), Barleyman (Australia), OntarioBeerKegs (Canada) and Finney's Homebrew Emporium (New Zealand). Please contact them for details on purchasing vials.


If you're a homebrewing supply store outside of the US and are interested in carrying our yeast, please visit the Commercial Orders section of our website, scroll down to Vial Wholesale Orders and fill out an order sheet. 

COMMERCIAL BREWERS (US and International)

If you're a commercial brewery anywhere in the world and are interested in using our yeast, please visit the Commercial Orders section of our website, scroll down to Commercial Pitch Orders and fill out an order sheet.


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10/23/14 - Launch of Merchandise

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