Our mission is simple: Provide commercially unavailable or rare yeast and bacteria strains to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities in high quality liquid culture. 

Here at The Yeast Bay, we're all about adding value to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities by providing a rich diversity of organisms brewers can use to serve as the bridge between the wort they produce and the beer it's transformed into. One of our primary goals is to help brewers big and small develop new, unique sensory experiences for beer drinkers.  

Bottom line: Brewing great beer is hard. Sourcing unique yeast and bacteria should be easy.

We're super pumped that you've come to check us out, and we can't wait to be a part of your brewing process. Welcome to The Yeast Bay!


In spite of the multiple warnings we issue about hot and cold weather and the need to secure your yeast properly if your area is extremely hot or cold, we're receiving a high volume of requests refunds or replacements because the customer believes the product was exposed to adverse conditions. We've stressed that the delivery trucks are not climate controlled and your yeast can be subjected to extreme hot or cold while on the vehicle, though there still remains only a very small number of customers that take advantage of the tracking information to have their package held at a local USPS branch, which is protected from the elements. As a nanobusiness, this is forcing us to address the issue of package delivery in a more direct and measured manner than we have in the past with respect to laying out our policy more clearly and absolutely.

Our new shipping policy for homebrew vials is the following: If your local temperature on the day of delivery is above 80 ºF or below 35 ºF, you are required to have your package held for pickup at your local USPS branch if you wish to retain return privileges. Aside from a quality issue on our end which we will always make right, the failure to have your package held for pickup if the local temperature is above 80 ºF or below 35 ºF on the day of delivery will result in total loss of return/refund/replacement privileges.

We thank you all for your cooperation in this manner to ensure our yeast gets to you safe and sound. Cheers!




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