Lactobacillus Blend


Lactobacillus Blend


The Lactobacillus Blend is comprised of three strains, one strain of Lactobacillus plantarum and two strains of Lactobacillus brevis.  One of the strains of L. brevis was isolated from an unintentionally sour hoppy blonde ale from a Mexican craft brewery, and exhibits very strong hop tolerance.

Sure to please anyone with a knack for creating sour beers, it can quickly produce acidity across a wide range of temperatures. This blend can be used on its own for kettle souring prior to pitching yeast to create acidity quickly, or co-pitched with yeast to create sourness over time. It will produce a pronounced and well-rounded acidity that is the foundation of any complex sour beer.

We recommend holding the IBU on the low end (< 2-3) if you'd like to use this blend to create acidity in a shorter time frame. Higher IBUs in excess of 10-15 IBU may result in slower souring.


Temperature: 70-90 ºF

Attenuation: N/A 

Flocculation: N/A


Award Winning Recipes:

Brett the Berliner - 3rd place; NHC Final Round (2017)

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