Funktown Pale Ale

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Funktown Pale Ale


Funktown Pale Ale is a blend of our Vermont Ale strain and a unique wild strain of Saccharomyces that is well suited for primary fermentation. The combination of the citrus/peach esters from the Vermont Ale strain and the very light funk and pineapple/mango esters from the wild Saccharomyces produces a unique flavor and aroma profile that is fruit-forward. Expect this blend to finish drier than the Vermont Ale. 

We recommend following a similar fermentation scheme as is used for the Vermont Ale, fermenting at 67-69 ºF for 3-4 days, and then raising the temperature to 72 ºF until a stable gravity is reached.

Cell Count: ~58 billion cells/vial.


Temperature: 68 - 74 ºF 

Attenuation: 78-95% (Diastatic Strain)

Flocculation:  Medium-Low


Award Winning Recipes:

Brett Pale Ale - 1st place; KLCC Brewfest


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