yeast bay culture guide

CLICK HERE to download the newly released Winter 2019 Yeast Bay Culture Guide.

This first version is a basic guide that includes all 33 of our cultures with profile descriptions and typical ranges for temperature, attenuation, flocculation and alcohol tolerance. The next version of this to come out will include a column with the most common BJCP styles that could be produced with each culture, as well as a section that will serve as a sneak peek at upcoming Beta releases.


To request a quote, fill out this order form (click here) and email it to us at Standard pitch rates achieved are 3-5 million cells/mL for Saccharomyces strains/blends, 475,000-775,000 cells/mL for Brettanomyces or bacterial strains/blends and variable (inquire) for mixed cultures.  Please include the name, address and phone number of your brewery. The pricing for standard pitch rates are as follows:



1/2-2.5 BBL - $130          20 BBL - $650          70 BBL - $2,100

2.5-5 BBL - $250             30 BBL - $900          80 BBL - $2,400

7 BBL - $310                   40 BBL - $1,200       90 BBL - $2,700

10 BBL - $345                 50 BBL - $1,500       100 BBL - $3,000

15 BBL - $510                 60 BBL - $1,800       >100 BBL - Inquire



If you're interested in a pitch rate that is different from the standard rates above, we're happy to accommodate. Simply list the desired pitch rate when requesting a quote and we can quote you accordingly.

To request information regarding a custom blend of Yeast Bay strains or Yeast Bay and White Labs strains, send your request us at with your brewery information and indicate the strains you would like blended and the proportions of each strain. 

* All pricing in US Dollars, does not include shipping and is subject to change without notice.


If you're a homebrewing retail shop or online store located anywhere in the world, you can purchase Yeast Bay vials at wholesale pricing for retail sale through either your online or brick-and-mortar store. If you're interested in placing an order, please fill out this order form (click here) and email it to We'll send you a quote back as soon as we can. There is a minimum vial order of 25 vials/order, with the following pricing structure:



25-49 vials - $6.50 USD/vial

50-99 vials - $6.40 USD/vial

100-249 vials - $6.20 USD/vial

250+ vials - $6.00 USD/vial


If you already have an account with White Labs and order their vials regularly, it is also possible to have your Yeast Bay and White Labs vial orders combined for shipping purposes. ALL ORDERS FOR YEAST BAY PRODUCTS THAT ARE TO BE COMBINED WITH A WHITE LABS ORDER FOR SHIPPING MUST BE PAID AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE WHITE LABS ORDER IS SET TO SHIP TO PROVIDE THE NECESSARY TIME TO GET THE ORDERS COMBINED. Last minute combined orders are subject to delay until the next time a White labs order is placed.

* All pricing in US Dollars, does not include shipping and is subject to change without notice.