Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse Yeast

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Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse Yeast_WEBSITE.jpg
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Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse Yeast


LIMIT: 1 vial/order

This culture is a single strain of Sacchromyces cerevisiae, isolated from a Lithuanian Farmhouse mixed culture (which originally containing multiple strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus sp.) kindly provided by Julius Simonaitis via Lars Garshol  (click here for Lars' blog).

Across a wide temperature range this culture will throw an intriguing mix of orange, tropical fruit and stonefruit esters that is reminiscent of POG Juice (passionfruit, orange, guava), and produces distinct spicy/earthy/herbal undertones.

While not a traditional “kveik” yeast, it handles high temperatures and high gravity worts well, with an upper fermentation temperature of 95 ºF and a high alcohol tolerance (>10%).

Cell Count: ~ 80 billion cells/vial

Temperature: 75-95 ºF

Attenuation: 76-82% 

Flocculation: Low

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