Lithuania'n Hills

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Lithuania'n Hills


LIMIT: 1 vial/order

Since we first received promising data from a commercial brewer who used our M. reukaufii in a co-fermentation with their house yeast, we’ve been working on our own in-house blends with a number of other strains we market for use in hop-forward beers. This culture is the second such blend to be released, and is the marriage of our M. reukaufii isolate from the Berkeley Hills of California with Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast.

Expect this culture to ferment to approximately the same dryness as Simonaitis Lithuanian Farmhouse alone with a softer finish on the back end, especially noticeable in more heavily hop worts. A more complex and accentuated ester profile of POG Juice (passionfruit, orange, guava) will evolve based upon the hop profile chosen of the beer. Load your wort with hop glycosides and let the Lithuania’n Hills yeast blend do the heavy lifting of elevating and transforming the character to a new level!


Count: ~ 50 billion cells/vial


Temperature: 75 - 95 ºF 

Attenuation: 76 - 82%

Flocculation:  Medium-High

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